I’m Muruganantham Elango. I live in Bangalore, India. I am currently working Part Time as a Software architect at FR8 and as a Freelancer/Competitor at TopCoder

What is your story?

I started my career as Software Developer at UST Global in late 2011. I found about [topcoder] early 2014, got excited, won 3 development contests in first month, started doing topcoder competitions full time and eventually become an independent consultant.

I wrote my first program in Java, back in 2011. I continued with Spring Framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, ReactJS and NodeJS. I like Functional Programming. I am quite comfortable with both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Webstorm, IntelliJ Idea, VIM, Emacs are the major tools I use to write programs.

What are your Topcoder Achievements?

  • TCO15 Online-Champion in Development Category
  • TCO16 Online-Champion in First2Finish Category
  • Won 100+ development contests @ananthhh

What else do you do?

I do reading, swimming or play chess(@ananthhh) whenever I am not programming.

How Do I contact you?

You will find me on github @ananthhh, topcoder @ananthhh or email me at ananthhh(at)outlook.com